Mobile Blood Drawing

Phlebotomy: The Art of Drawing Blood
 Phlebotomist:Specialist In Drawing Blood


We Come to You

Mobile Phlebotomy Services (MPS) highly skilled, certified phlebotomy technicians (techs) come to your location and provide mobile lab services ordered by your physician or health care provider. We deliver the specimens to the labs so you don't have to leave the home. Services provided but not limited to:
Stat Draws
Routine Draws
Critical Timed Sensitive Draws
Fasting Required Tests
Timed Antibiotic Testing
Cancer Screening
Thyroid Testing
Cholesterol Testing
Glucose Level Testing
Medication Level Testing
Special Processing Send Out Kits
Specimen Pickup and Delivery Services


Mobile Phlebotomy Services (MPS) professional and reliable team members take pride in the quality of their work. They pride themselves in their adherence to requirements for timely collection, delivery, and handling of the specimens. We are the leader in the home blood draw services in Southern California. Mobile Phlebotomy Services, Inc. provides on-site blood collection services in the convenience of your home or office. We are a mobile lab service with over 21 years in the business.