Home Health Care Agencies


We work directly with Home Health Care Agencies and Private Insurance Companies as well as Physicians, Health Maintenance Organizations and Private Pay Patients. We go directly to your home, Long Term Care Centers, Board and Care Centers and Patient Work sites. We cater to the individual needs of the patients we serve.


High Profile


At Mobile Phlebotomy Services, Inc., (MPS) we understand the special circumstances involved with providing services to “High Profile” clients. It is difficult for these people to keep anything about themselves out of the media. Information about their private lives is “big news” and therefore highly sought after information from media representatives and others. MPS is experienced in working with these special situations and each one is very different from another.


MPS works closely with the patient representatives of our “High Profile” clients to ensure we protect their privacy, just as we protect the privacy of any other patient/client. MPS provides services to a number of elected officials, famous people, professional athletes, professional models and other public figures. We specialize in providing services that are kept behind the scenes, invisible to the public eye. Our reputation, success and exemplary service have earned us the preferred choice of mobile phlebotomy services in Southern California to “High Profile” clients/patients.


At MPS, we first believe in protecting the privacy of ALL our clients and patients. We treat all clients with courtesy, consideration and respect. We work with health care professionals, agencies and families to meet the needs of each individual because we understand everyone has a different situation. We are more than just a blood drawing service because we truly care about our clients.


MPS is the preferred mobile phlebotomy service in Southern California for all our patients. Every one of our patients matter to us and that is what sets us apart from other companies operating in the region. We do are job right, and we do it with pride, because we care.